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I was born an  explorer. As such soon as I got a bit of money in my pocket I used it to purchase a camera and capture some of the exciting things I observed around me... The more I looked the more intriguing the sights became until finally one  day I slung my analogue Olympus OM-10 round my shoulder and proceeded to snap  my way from Poland through Europe till I finally ended up in London, England.  Here is where I decided to go professional. With a degree in Social Science  already under my belt, I chose to study Photography at the University of Arts, London College of Communication. Ever curious and fearless I continued to study the art whilst also developing new skills on the job. Step by step I made my  way into the industry, from Products to Fashion to Concepts. I became adept at  providing a great service for my clients by listening, learning and discerning  each clients unique requirements. Currently I split my time between working at  Morley College, WMCollege and Bishopsgate Institute, where I teach OCNLevel 2&3 creative digital  photography, digital imaging for design, fashion photography as well as product  and street photography. I also facilitate photography  consultations and independent workshops. These forums afford me the  opportunity of passing my knowledge and skills on to both adults and the next  generation, while allowing me enough freedom to continue providing freelance  photography work and creative artistic projects. I feel blessed to be able to make a living while pursuing my passions. Having  the opportunity to express myself creatively while simultaneously helping other  to develop & realise themselves is truly priceless. It is the world’s  infinite beauty and human struggle that inspire my photography and teaching  practice. To be able to change another person's life for the better while  sharing my passion is for me the greatest reward. May we all open our eyes and  let in some light through the mystical power of lens and the mind.

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